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Activate members, provide blazing fast support, and automate workflows across community tools and platforms.

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All your community operations in one place


Automate your workflows to activate more members and nudge them to add value to the community.


Segment members and send one-off personalised messages at scale to drive engagement.


Provide blazing fast support and answer queries across tools/platforms from a single dashboard.


Personalize interactions at scale

Send targeted messages to a custom cohort of members across channels.
  • Target members based on level of engagement
  • Send an instant DM/email or schedule for later

Create delightful member journeys

From providing a welcoming onboarding experience to re-engaging inactive members, automate your workflows with ease.
  • Craft journeys using our visual workflow builder
  • Leverage templates to activate your community

Effortless integrations

Works seamlessly with the tools you use

Get the context to engage meaningfully

Know who's engaged in your community and who needs a nudge.
  • Engage with your core contributors
  • Configure levels of engagement
  • Create and target specific member segments

Provide blazing fast support

One does not simply leave a query unanswered in the community.
  • Search messages by keyword
  • View and respond to unanswered questions

Community Drops

Every month, get awesome free community drops to take your community to the next level.
Community OS
Community OS by Threado - 800+ community resources and Notion workbook for free | Product Hunt
Serendipity Bot
Serendipity Bot by Threado - Free community and newsletter match making bot | Product Hunt
Community Jarvis
Community Jarvis by Threado - 50+ free templates & automation guide for your community | Product Hunt

Your data is safe with us

Threado is a SOC2 Type II Certified Company
  • Your data is always encrypted in-transit and at-rest.
  • We work with external partners to independently audit our security protocols.

Ask away

Frequently asked questions

Who is Threado for?

If you’re a Community builder, or a Founder building a community on top of our product, then Threado is for you. We built Threado keeping mind how difficult it can be for people like you to manage and scale a community. Our goal is to give you the unfair advantages that you deserve to keep doing what you’re doing.

What kind of key metrics can I understand by using Threado?

Threado is a comprehensive dashboard with an in-depth view of your community all just clicks away. Some of the features allow you to see how many members you have, how many new have joined in a certain time period, who are the most active contributors, how many of them posted messages, how many reacted, how many replied, and so much more. You also get get detailed retention analytics to see how many of them stayed and are active over a certain time period.

When do I know that I need Threado?

When you feel like managing or building a community is getting a bit overwhelming. Threado has been built by people who have years of experience in building communities. We understand the nooks and crannies of working in a community and so we have tailored a companion to help you not just quantify your efforts, but also perform automated actions.

What does Threado solve?

Threado aims to help Community managers have better visibility into their communities. It gives you actionable insights into your community and, let’s you automate engagement initiatives and workflows to gain complete control over your community.

How can I improve engagement in the community using Threado?

Threado doesn’t just give you actionable insights but also let’s you take those actions directly from the dashboard. You can acknowledge active members as well as send direct messages to those who haven’t interacted. Set up customised automated workflows to send personalised messages to active, inactive, or stale members. Respond and react to the top messages in the community and even those that haven’t been interacted with.

How can I avoid churn in the community using Threado?

Gauge retention metrics and keep an eye out for inactive members in the community. Use state-of-the-art features like bulk messaging, interaction, and automation to stay on top of your community all the time.

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