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ConvergeHub is a leading Sales, Marketing and Service CRM software that enables small businesses to attract more prospects, win more deals and build lasting customer relationships. It is a business growth enabler, offering cloud-based all-in-one CRM software for complete customer engagement. It provides sales, marketing, customer service and collaboration in one powerful, unified, easy-to-use platform. Businesses around the world use ConvergeHub’s Customer Relationship Management platform to engage, communicate and collaborate with leads, prospects and customers at every stage and from any device. ConvergeHub’s award winning CRM includes Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Social integration, Customer Support, Collaboration, Document Management, Project Management, Invoicing, Reports and Analytics, all in one unified platform. Right from delivering marketing messages via multiple channels, tracking detailed sales activity, building nurturing one-to-one relationships with customers, sharing documents and other key insights with internal team or external partners, tracking customer service cases, or increasing efficiency through business process automation - ConvergeHub small business CRM solution enables businesses to do all this and much more within a single platform. Having one ubiquitous platform to manage all customer-facing business functions empowers businesses to achieve a unified 360 degree view of the customer across departments providing a consistent and coherent experience to its customers through every stage of its customer’s lifecycle. It also enables small businesses to grow revenue, increase productivity, control costs and have the same tools available to them to behave and function like an enterprise. Built on the power of cloud computing, ConvergeHub customer relationship management software offers greater scalability and complete disaster recovery compared to the traditional software models. With no hardware/software installation required, it is up and running within minutes with significantly low capital expenditures. ConvergeHub offers plugins with leading 3rd party applications such as – Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, Docusign, GoToMeeting, Twilio and Google Apps. Upcoming integrations include – Xero, Box, Dropbox, Zendesk, 8x8, and many more. Key Features include - Sales Force Automation, Multi-channel Marketing, Marketing Automation, Case Management, Document Management and Collaboration, Business Process Management, Workflow Automation, Invoicing, Social integration, Project Management and Reports & Analytics


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Best Social and Community Apps of 2022


Cloud CRM software for fast growing small and medium-sized businesses


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