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Marketing automation isn’t personal. We knew that when we started Drip in 2013. Automation can make your marketing appear personal. It can help make it feel more human, but algorithms using machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence, will end up feeling exactly like that… Artificial. In today’s Amazon-ified, data scraping world, your customers begrudgingly accept trade-offs between selection, price, convenience, and “personalization” They will give away some data to get back other benefits. And that’s ok, until it isn’t... Without careful attention to detail and context, big data-driven personalization can feel more like the stalking of Big Brother than the future of retail. And to your customers—who are increasingly savvy about tracking (and therefore increasingly wary)—that means Big has become a bother—not a boon. Big tags you. Big targets you. Big mass markets at you. Big lumps you in with a bunch of people it thinks are exactly like you, and then Big tries to manipulate you. But Big is clumsy, dense, and lacks nuance. Big doesn’t care enough to remember who you are. And ironically, by missing the little details, Big misses the big picture. Your customers shop with you because you’re not Big. Because you provide a smarter, more tailor-made experience. They’re not impressed by your algorithms, they’re interested in your genuine knowledge. Knowledge about the product and service, and knowledge about them, the customer. To win their loyalty, you have to earn their trust. Which starts by showing you care enough about them to remember who they are. So, how do you do that? Don’t go Big. At Drip, our focus is on increasing sales for companies looking to build mutually beneficial relationships with B2C customers. It’s the first CRM resource built by and for ecommerce specifically. We call it ECRM and it’s a whole new way to build better, mutually-beneficial relationships with your customers at scale. It’s still true that marketing automation isn’t personal...yet. Drip is focused on continuing to define ECRM beyond its current limitations, through product evolution focused on your distinct needs and opportunities. The goal is to connect your order management system with your marketing system at the customer level in order to build better, more profitable, and real relationships with your customers. It’s a big opportunity for all of us, and that’s the kind of Big we are happy to embrace. – The Drip Team


Rob Walling

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Best Social and Community Apps of 2022


Drip is the CRM Salesforce didn’t build. The first Ecommerce CRM - ECRM - is built to drive sales, not sales teams.


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