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Jennie Edwards

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Viviti is a Content Management System and Website Builder that allows you to easily build your own dynamic website, either by selecting one of our premade themes or make your own theme simply by using html and css. To get a website started with Viviti is quite simple. Users select a base theme for how they would like the layout of their site to look. Once they have selected a theme they use the website builder to add, move and delete components which are the content elements of their website. The Viviti builder already has over one hundred themes and thirty components to select from. Some sample components are the Image Gallery, Blog Posts, Text block, Forms, PayPal, eBay, YouTube, Google Maps, and Navigation blocks. There is also integration with the social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. For more advanced users you can also use the JavaScript or HTML code and Flash components to really make your website stand out. Viviti has a selection of plans and prices that suit anyone's needs. Currently plans start at zero dollars and end at thirty dollars. The free plan only includes 1 website, 5MB of storage space and 10 pages. Upgrade to the ten, twenty or thirty dollar plans to increase storage and website limits. With the paid plans you also receive unlimited pages, custom domains, the ability to password protect webpage's, access to the stock photo library, support, and the removal of the banner advertizing. Upgrade to the twenty or thirty dollars plans and you also receive twenty-five dollars in Facebook ad credits. The Viviti price plans are targeted at the individual user all the way up to small to mid-sized business who require a easy to use and easy to update web presence. Viviti Technologies Inc is based in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada. Viviti Technologies is a wholly own subsidiary of Bravenet Web Services Inc., which was established in 1997. Contact Information


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Best Social and Community Apps of 2022
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Jennie Edwards

Jigsy is a content management system and website builder that helps users build their own websites.