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Reform is a Danish design company specializing in kitchens. Aiming to push the boundaries of its industry, the brand’s collaborations with internationally acclaimed architects and designers are future-facing, culturally curious and driven by creating better people-centered kitchen spaces. Working across architecture, design, and interior, Reform recently won the ELLE DECO International Design Award for the MATCH kitchen, which was designed by the art-driven Belgian designers, Müller Van Severen.


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Best Social and Community Apps of 2022


Your forms need to look great. But they also need to look like they're yours. With Reform, your forms look super clean, and it's easy to add your own branding to spice things up. One question per page is great for some forms, but we believe it’s a silly constraint. Sometimes a single page works better. If you want to have more than one question per page, that's cool too. Keep your finger on the pulse while responses are coming in. It's easy to review your data in Reform and send it to a spreadsheet, analytics tool, or somewhere else. Reform is a no-code tool that integrates with all your other no-code tools. If you’re more code-savvy, you can integrate directly with your app using webhooks.