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Achieve an immersive experiece in Minecraft by personalizing the way you sound with Voicemod. Their audio tool gives you not only a collection of varied and adjustable voices, but also comes with a state-of-the-art voice generator. In the Voicemod Voicelab, you can create your very own voices by mixing sounds and effects until you feel like you sound like your true self.It’s time to get creative! Add more echo to a voice when you enter a cave, lower the pitch to sound more aggressive, and amplify the most fun situations by applying all sorts of musical vocoders to your voice. There is no limit as to what you can do, no limits as to how you can sound. While building your Minecraft universe, build your unique sonic identity, too.Blocks, precious stones, evil beings that only appear at night… Imagine being able to react to everything that happens in Minecraft with a different sound! That’s exactly what Voicemod’s soundboard allows you to do: Load .MP3 and .WAV files into your soundboard, assign them keybinds and react with the perfect sound bite to any in-game event.


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Voicemod is a Valencia-based startup that has created software to distort voices and has found its main market in the gaming sector.