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Weve is a virtual people content and culture-building platform that provides businesses with a way to bridge the gap between distributed and in-office teams through online team building. Specific offerings include happy hours, holiday parties, ice breakers, corporate events, meetings, training and onboarding programs, sales kick-off meetings, networking events, employee award ceremonies, and more.The way you gather impacts your company culture. their platform hosts virtual team-building experiences and events that are intentionally crafted to promote productivity, engagement, and fun — one game at a time.A team that plays together stays together. Our games build stronger connections, strengthen company culture, and create community for virtual teams with content designed for everyone. Bring both your introverts and extroverts, your pop culture enthusiasts and karaoke queens, and your class clowns and serious trivia buffs.Gather your team for virtual happy hours. Attendees can mingle before and after by using lobby video chats for small groups or meeting mode for larger conversations.Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any other holiday party, we have experiences perfect for some holiday cheer.Weve has numerous ice breaker options that foster team bonding and cohesiveness. Use fun experiences to warm up your team and help employees learn more about each other before getting down to business.Create big moments and intimate experiences within the same event. Weve integrates presentations, allowing you to broadcast a keynote address or watch party with thousands of employees and increase engagement, retention, and fun.Leverage our platform to run stable and productive meetings with your team. Toggle easily between work and play to get important tasks accomplished while keeping employees engaged, involved, and having fun.


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Best Social and Community Apps of 2022
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WEVE is a video conferencing platform that hosts virtual events & fun experiences, improving company culture, engagement, and productivity.