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Whova is a mobile event management app designed to assist event attendees navigate through their events with mobile brochures and facilitate networking among all event attendees based on their professional profiles, which are automatically generated from relevant professional information assembled from the entire internet using its big data analytic and mining technology. It is designed with a wide target spectrum that includes corporate and social events, trade-shows & expos, conferences, performances, workshop, Meetup (website), and more. Check out and request a demo from As of February 2014, Whova operates on both the iOS and the Android systems. However, for both platform, the interface is subject to customization by the event organizers. Therefore, the interface that a user experiences will depend largely on the preference of the event organizer. An email verification is generally required to access the customized interfaces of specific events. Once in, users can then proceed to access certain key features, such as information about the event, GPS guidance, and options to communicate with the event organizers or other attendees. As of February 2014, Whova released social sign-in/up options to allow users access to Whova via their social accounts, and as of March 2014, Whova launched a messaging feature that allows an event attendee the option to send e-messages to other people of interest. Event Brochure: The event brochure section is generally visible to event attendees by default. The agenda and event logistics will be constantly accessible to users. However, organizers can choose what additional information to relay, such as whether or not to provide indoor maps, additional information links, live streaming, or GPS guidance. Networking: Upon initial sign-up, all users will be provided with a profile page, featuring their professional accomplishments compiled from publicly available on the internet. Users utilize the discover feature to can view each other's profiles and interact using the messaging feature. Messages sent through the app are subject to nondisclosure guidelines. Any information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, will not be visible to the receiver. You can also use the Whova app to digitize and manage business cards you have received even if you do not attend any events. Different from all the other business card reader apps like CamCard, CardMunch, ScanBizCards or Scannable etc, you can gain deep insights on your contacts' experiences, passions, and interests. Now Whova business card scanning feature supports cards in English, Chinese, and Korean. More details are available on


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Whova provides Mobile Event Solutions to help event to be more successful and facilitate attendees networking at the events.


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