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📢 Amplifying each other's voices

Encourage community members to create content and help amplify each other's voices on social media.

Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

"If you start a community, be prepared to amplify other people’s voices over yours." - Rosie Sherry

All of us start our journey from zero. And we owe most of what we've accomplished to hard work, luck, and most importantly, to those who helped us selflessly along the way. When we come together as part of a community, we live together, in some sense, as a family.

  • Members who are passionate about the same mission and live by the same values come together to add value to each other
  • The more value members add to each other, the greater the outcomes - infinite possibilities open up.
  • Helping retweet a member's job posting might help them fill a role, sharing a blog post written by a member can help them reach a larger audience, amplifying a crisis message can help save someone's life... there is always an opportunity to add value by amplifying other's voices.

Recently, The Product Folks, Creators of Products, and several others collaborated and built a dashboard for verified covid resources to help India fight the second wave of COVID-19. They and several good samaritans on Twitter are relentlessly verifying and amplifying the reach of every user who is seeking help on Twitter and they have been doing it 24x7. While the second wave has been devastating at a large scale, these efforts of the communities on the ground are making a difference to several lives. That's the power of amplifying each other's voices in a time of need.


Pramod Rao

Pramod aka Prao is the Co-founder of Threado. He is an avid Chelsea supporter, loves to travel when free and spends time being a pet parent. Prior to Threado, he was an early core team member at Zomato leading user growth, content and community.

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