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⚙️ Automating onboarding reminders as you
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⚙️ Automating onboarding reminders as you

How to use no-code tools to automate repeated communication flows for your community

Pramod Rao
June 21, 2021

Once your community has reached a sizeable number, set up a system of sending automated reminders to users who haven't completed the community onboarding process. Here's an example of an onboarding flow and how you could automate some of the workflows:

  • A new member has signed up with their email
  • On signup, members get a Welcome email which guides them on the next steps (could include posting an introduction on Slack) and prompt them to fill out an onboarding form (Typeform is a great tool for this)
  • If you are using Mailerlite for example, you use their automation tab to trigger an email on a successful sign-up.
  • Use Zapier to capture sign-ups from Mailerlite (or any other sign-up tool) on Airtable.
  • Once done, you can use Zapier to update the Airtable record if the user has filled out the onboarding form by creating a Typeform <> Airtable zap.
  • For users who haven't filled out the forms, set up a reminder email that gets triggered after 3 days of signing up.
  • Alternatively, you could use onboarding bots like Greetbot on Slack to set up Day 1, Day 3 prompts to onboard the users
  • Couple of things you could include to nudge them towards completing the onboarding flow
  • Reminder about what are they missing out on (include top posts/discussions or webinars they missed)
  • Mention any upcoming group events they could unlock which needs them to complete the onboarding forms

🛠 Resources:

Mailerlite - to embed a form on your landing page to sign-up a new member

Typeform - easy to use form creator to capture relevant details during the onboarding flow once the member signs up

Airtable - use this as your CRM database to track member sign-ups and their activity

Zapier, Integromat - connect multiple apps and use triggers to automate workflows.

Greetbot - set-up a welcoming onboarding experience for your members on Slack

Pramod Rao

Pramod aka Prao is the Co-founder of Threado. He is an avid Chelsea supporter, loves to travel when free and spends time being a pet parent. Prior to Threado, he was an early core team member at Zomato leading user growth, content and community.

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