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High quality content is a quick hack to building engaging communities.

Shalini Nair Tekwani
July 1, 2021

💯 One definite hack for community engagement - high quality content, community content.

Here are some content ideas you could explore for your newsletter, channels and blogs:

🤳 Introduce new members who've joined

Here's how ProductLed does it :

ProductLed Member Intro on Slack - Screenshot

📝 Top discussions from your community

Remote Indian includes the top content from the community in their weekly newsletter.

Remote Indian Newsletter Screenshot

🏆 Celebrate small wins from the community

CMs facilitate a channel #smallwins generally, where members can celebrate small milestones achieved with the help of the community.

🎙️ Share content from AMAs, workshops, sessions conducted

Here's how The Product Folks does it

Call out top contributors and their content

Here's a sample by The Product Folks:

The Product Folks top contributors

Here are pro tips from some of the well known voices in the community world 👇

Best content for a community, is about the community

5 kinds of community posts that work every time

Listen to what the people want - generate content on those lines

Shalini Nair Tekwani

Shalini leads all things growth at Threado. Prior to Threado, she was leading Zomato Bangalore's marketing team.

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