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🤝 Mapping community buddies to new members
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🤝 Mapping community buddies to new members

Strengthen the relationship between community members by mapping buddies to new members or accountability partners.

Shalini Nair Tekwani
June 21, 2021

If you are new to the idea of a 'community', things could get really overwhelming - first to get used to the platform and next to consume the inflow of messages.

Here's how mapping community buddies could be helpful:

  • Having a 'buddy' who could walk you through the community and tell you: what it does, how to make the best use of it, who to reach out to when, where to begin, etc makes it easier for new members to get involved with the community.
  • They provide context. Existing members are the best folks to share additional perspective on the intent, aspirations and goals of the community.
  • Buddies can act as an extended team to the community manager and can provide a ton of leverage on driving engagement.
  • Builds trust in the community by design.
  • Video/text walkthroughs maybe great but personal recommendations and stories always adds more credibility.
  • Helps new members overcome reluctance to initiate conversations with some help from the buddies.
  • Lifetime access to peer-to-peer learning.

Who can be an ideal buddy for a new member in the community?

  • Belongs to similar field of work
  • Has been and active member of the community for at least 1 month or an active contributor from earlier cohorts
  • Lives by the community values

Shalini Nair Tekwani

Shalini leads all things growth at Threado. Prior to Threado, she was leading Zomato Bangalore's marketing team.

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