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What triggers the creation of a community?
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What triggers the creation of a community?

There's always a strong motive or purpose that triggers a community ideation. Hear from a couple of top community builders what drove them to create such successful communities.

Shalini Nair Tekwani
June 28, 2021

👶 A community is born when you identify the problem - the solution for which lies in bringing together people and enabling them to interact!


🤝 "The pandemic disabled the possibility to have a networking events offline. Create a space for them to meet like minded people and interact virtually"

📝 "You are a creator who wants users to engage over your content. Handling your audiences on multiple social media platforms is a challenge + poor way to interact. Enable richer conversations and easy channel for feedbacks over your content."

📱 "You are a brand. You want to share content around your product, new product releases, gather customer feedback, reward frequent user, engage constantly with loyal users and avoid churn - all in one place. Enable the community."

💡Trigger points towards creating a community :

❓ You realize there's a solution to the problem faced by many like-minded people. (Industry focused communities, habit forming communities, professional networking communities)

🧠 You can help improve skillset of a bunch of people through collaborative ideas. (Learning communities)

🧐 There's a need to study patterns of a large focus group. (Brand communities)

Hear out how a couple of top community builders ventured out in this journey ->

Vasil:  When the event is over, many conversations still need to continue and there needs to be a space for our community members to interact, to connect with each other. It seemed to be something that our members always wanted.

Mitali: The first and foremost thing for us was to create a space where it's not a monologue where we are speaking about the startups. It's a dialogue where everybody comes together.

Max: For me personally, it was very much filling a technical gap. And I needed that technical edge to really bring all these wonderful ideas I had festering in the back of my mind.

Rafy: After seeing these questions on Twitter , on my Reddit forums, there was nothing like a central hub or a repository where people want to know what's happening on the community space. That's where I decided, okay what if we build this?

Jared:  We saw an [00:01:00] opportunity in the space that wasn't being satisfied. There was so many webinars happening. And it was so fragmented. There was no like single centralized spot for all of them yet.

Marie: So we're talking about body image, the intersection of being plus and black, plus and queer, plus and disabled, there's so many different things we talk about in those intersections. So that's what we talk about. And the community we started had been naturally organic.

Shalini Nair Tekwani

Shalini leads all things growth at Threado. Prior to Threado, she was leading Zomato Bangalore's marketing team.

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