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San Francisco, California, United States
Airtable is a cloud-based software company that offers an online platform for creating and sharing relational databases.
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Jordan Scott
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Andrew Ofstad

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Emmett Nicholas

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Howie Liu

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Airtable is a software platform that empowers people to build the solutions they need to drive innovation and increase agility within their teams. Airtable puts the power of a flexible database into the hands of creators. We've raised over $170M in funding and have over 170,000 organizations running mission-critical processes and workflows on Airtable. At first glance, Airtable looks a lot like a spreadsheet, but we are much more powerful. Our building blocks enable teams to model the things they work on, define relationships between things, and create views explicitly tailored for their type of work. Airtable allows teams to adapt their software when markets evolve, or goals change. We increase agility by providing transparency and visibility to collaborators and managers. Best of all, we allow teams to solve a broad set of use cases without IT resources. Try out Airtable today and see why so many organizations are switching to Airtable from spreadsheets and rigid project management tools.

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