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Portland, Oregon, United States
AskNicely is the leading customer experience platform for service businesses.
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Aaron Ward

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John Ballinger

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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AskNicely is the recognized leader in customer experience management and has the only mobile platform for people-powered businesses. We bring feedback, coaching and brand-aligned service actions into the pocket of your frontline team. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK You’ll send customizable, conversational surveys at just the right moment—controlling frequency and triggers. Reach your customers via email, SMS, or on your website. Measure what matters to your business—NPS, CSAT, or CES. Drive referrals and reviews from your most loyal customers. Use push notifications to escalate service issues instantly, improving retention. Simplify your tech stack with Salesforce and Slack integrations (among many others). Display customer reactions in real-time in every location with TV dashboards and the mobile app. Make smarter business decisions with feedback analytics tools, isolating performance by location and seeing the correlation between rising NPS and sales. FRONTLINE FEEDBACK, COACHING AND PLAYBOOKS The world’s first pocket-sized customer experience coaching platform. Empower your frontline teams to respond consistently across locations with automated workflows. Build a customer-first culture with feedback that’s transparent, accessible, and digestible. Identify star performers and opportunities in executive dashboards, and pinpoint common themes with text analytics.

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