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San Francisco, California, United States
Census is a data automation platform that synchronizes customers' data warehouses with business systems and tools.
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Jacob Akhmerov
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Anton Vaynshtok

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Boris Jabes

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Bradley Buda

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Sean Lynch

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Series B
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Census is the leading platform for Operational Analytics with Reverse ETL. We're a single, trusted place to sync data from your warehouse to the business apps you love. Census empowers everyone in your organization to take action with good data, no custom scripts or engineering favors required. Census is how companies like Figma, Notion, Rippling, Clearbit, and Fivetran build better business operations. Our customers achieve outcomes like personalized marketing for over 50M users, improving sales productivity by 10x, and reducing support times by 98%. Modern data teams choose Census because they value security, performance, and reliability. As our customers say: "Census just works!"

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