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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Dovetail is cloud-based user research and customer feedback software for the analysis, organization, collaboration and storage of data.
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Natalie Dodd
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Benjamin Humphrey

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Bradley Ayers

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Dovetail lets you make sense of all your customer research in one intuitive, collaborative, and searchable platform consisting of three products — Markup, Playback, and Backstage. Markup is the industry-leading solution for flexible mixed-methods research, enabling researchers to go from raw data to insights in minutes, not hours. With advanced transcription, tagging, and synthesis tools, researchers can speed up their workflow, collaborate effortlessly, and efficiently deliver actionable customer insights to their team. Playback is a collaborative, searchable, and secure repository for all your customer knowledge. Organizations can democratize their customer understanding by having one place where all their findings are easily accessible and searchable to distill compelling stories throughout the company. Backstage allows researchers to track participants and build a connection between people, data, and insights, all in a safe and secure way. By treating your data respectfully, Backstage empowers your whole organization to confidently store, use and manage customer research compliantly. Dovetail's Enterprise bundle includes all three core products, plus advanced security and maangement features, enabling organisations to unlock the potential of customer research, at scale.

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