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Santa Clara, California, United States
Dremio is a data lake engine that offers tools to help streamline and curate data.
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Piyush Prem
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Jacques Nadeau

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Tomer Shiran

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Dremio is a Forever-Free Data Lakehouse Platform – the only one built for SQL and built on open source technologies – that both data engineers and data analysts love. Dremio powers BI dashboards and interactive analytics directly on data lake storage. The three foundational Dremio objectives are: - Built for SQL - Git-like experience - Open and forever-free The Dremio Lakehouse Platform: - Empowers better data-driven decisions for your data consumers by enabling faster self-service access to the freshest and most complete data. - Delivers reliable insights by defining a single, governed source of truth for business metrics that can be leveraged by any downstream application. - Streamlines data engineering by automating data management and making data workflows as powerful and intuitive as working with source code.

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