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San Francisco, California, United States
GoodData is an analytics company that provides access to business reporting, dashboards, and ad hoc analytics to customers.
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Jan Kadlec
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Allen Sebastian

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GoodData delivers growth through analytics. It is the only business intelligence platform that provides the creation, delivery, and automated management of analytics at any scale. GoodData experts help businesses build data strategies, create new products, and maximize their data ROI. At a high level, GoodData’s composable data and analytics platform provides self-service analytics, low-code/no-code interfaces, embeddable data visualization, and application integration. The platform also provides a robust end-to-end pipeline, including data ingestion, preparation, and transformations. GoodData’s composable architecture allows businesses to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and easily implement analytics solutions for employees, customers, or business partners. The headless BI engine is a key part of GoodData’s analytics platform: It is built to scale with containerized microservices, managed as a code, and separates the analytical backend from the consumption layer. You can connect any application, data platform, or visualization tool to the engine's semantic layer — via APIs and standard interfaces — and consume the same consistent analytics in real time, anywhere. Additionally, enterprise-level security and governance allow the GoodData platform to keep customer's data secure and protected under all circumstances while remaining in line with the highest data security standards set by HIPAA, GDPR-S, and SOC2. Last but not least, the GoodData platform provides a flexible pricing plan through a “pay as you grow” model. Scale analytics efficiently in three dimensions — data volume, cost, and users — without sacrificing performance (e.g., cost, data speed, and IT agility).

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