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San Francisco, California, United States
LambdaTest provides software testing, cloud infrastructure, automation platform, and software testing services.
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Mudit Singh
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Asad Khan

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Jay Singh

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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LambdaTest is a cloud-based platform that helps users run manual and automation tests of their website (and web apps). Users can also test their native mobile application(Android and iOS) on LambdaTest emulators & simulators for a multitude of configurations. **Selenium Automation Grid and Cypress CLI on LambdaTest** You can attain better browser coverage by running tests across 2,000+ different browsers, devices, and operating systems online. LambdaTest provides a secure, scalable, and reliable cloud-based Selenium Grid that helps run Selenium tests at a faster pace. The Cypress CLI on LambdaTest, helps you expand Cypress test coverage to 40+ browser versions across Windows and macOS platforms. Along with automation testing, you can also perform manual tests, visual UI tests, and real-time tests. **Mobile App Testing** Test your Android and iOS Apps with Android Emulators & iOS Simulators to ensure faster delivery. Perform real device testing via cloud and test native app features seamlessly using our versatile collection of real devices. App testing on 50+ locations with enhanced debugging and real time logs will help you deliver better and faster than ever. **LT Browser - Responsive Web Testing** Additionally, LambdaTest also offers LT browser - a path-breaking developer-oriented tool that helps assess the responsiveness of your website. LT Browser eases the task of mobile testing as responsive tests can run against 50+ different device resolutions. You can also create custom devices (or viewports) and test localhost URL without any extensions (or tunnels). **Key Features of LambdaTest Platform** 1. Selenium Web Testing Automation. 2. Selenium Grid For Mobile Web-Automation Testing. 3. Run Cypress Tests Across 40+ Browser Versions Of Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. 4. Parallel Testing For Faster Go To Market Launch. 5. Continuous Testing with Continuous Integration Tools (e.g. Jenkins, Circle CI, GitLab CI, etc.). 6. Live Interactive Browser Compatibility Testing. 7. Scroll Sync To Test Two Viewports Simultaneously Using LT Browser App. 8. Faster Automated Screenshot Testing. 9. API For Continuous Testing. 10. Mobile app testing across 50+ geographies on Android emulators and iOS simulators. 11. Supports apk file/ .app / zip file / public URL for app testing. 12. Mobile App Automation on real devices 13. Mobile web automation on real devices

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