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San Mateo, California, United States
Neo4j is the leader in graph technology. We help global brands to reveal and predict how people, processes & systems are interrelated.
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Julie Hamel
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Emil Eifrem

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Johan Svensson

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Peter Neubauer

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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The fastest path to graph. Centered around the leading native graph database, today's Neo4j Graph Data Platform is a suite of applications and tools helping the world make sense of data. The Platform includes the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library – the leading enterprise-ready analytics workspace for graph data available as both open source and through a commercial license for enterprises – the graph visualization and exploration tool Bloom, the Cypher query language - very easy to learn and can operate across Neo4j, Apache Spark and Gremlin-based products using open source toolkits: "Cypher on Apache Spark (CApS) and Cypher for Gremlin.), Neo4j ETL and Kettle for data integration, and numerous additional tools, integrations and connectors to help developers and data scientists build graph-based solutions with ease. And the world's largest community to help enable any graph journey. Neo4j is the leading scalable, ACID-compliant graph database designed with a high-performance distributed cluster architecture, available in self-hosted and cloud offerings

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