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San Francisco, California, United States
Pipefy is a no-code process orchestration platform to easily automate workflows and manage business processes.
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Leticia Paiva
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Alessio Alionco

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Kelvin Stinghen

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Leandro Johann

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Magnus Arantes

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Pipefy is the workflow management software that makes business processes—such as purchasing, job opening, accounts payable and employee onboarding—hassle-free, so requesters, processors and managers are more efficient. Through fast-to-deploy, no-code, automated workflows, Pipefy enhances speed, increases visibility, and delivers higher quality outcomes without the need of IT implementation. Drive digital transformation, gain control of soaring service request volumes through easy to use, enterprise-class process automation and leave manual processes behind and refocus on strategic initiatives and activities. The platform has grown rapidly, fueled by an intense market desire for better solutions to manage business processes and automation. Pipefy is now used in over 215 countries by leading enterprises such as Visa, IBM, Volvo, Santander and Kraft Heinz.

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