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Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Pitch is collaborative presentation software for modern teams.
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Stephanie Leong
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Adam Renklint

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Charlette Prevot

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Christian Reber

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Eric Labod

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Series B
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Pitch is the collaborative presentation software for modern teams. With a focus on real-time collaboration, smart workflows, and intuitive design features, Pitch makes it fast and delightful for teams to create and deliver beautiful presentations, and easy for anyone to find inspiration from templates crafted by experts. Tens of thousands of teams have made the switch to Pitch, including top brands like Intercom, Superhuman, and Notion. Pitch is uncompromisingly good presentation software built to help teams of all sizes do better work. Here are a few things that set it apart. 💬 Pitch is built for the way teams work: That means leaving comments, assigning slides, tracking progress, sharing reactions, and even hopping on a quick video call — all within one app. 🖼 Pitch helps anyone design beautiful presentations in record time. Templates and styles keep work consistently on-brand without placing limits on creativity. Non-designers can easily express themselves, and professional designers can fully control every element on their slides. ✨ Pitch makes presentations come alive: Data and ideas live across multiple tools. Pitch helps bring it all together. Embed (or upload) videos; add GIFs, images, and icons; and import up-to-date data from Google Sheets and Google Analytics. This is just the beginning. With weekly releases, there's more to look forward to.

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