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Seattle, Washington, United States
Pulumi is a Seattle-based cloud engineering company that offers a way to build, connect, and run modern cloud applications.
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Eric Rudder

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Joe Duffy

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Pulumi enables teams to create, deploy, and manage infrastructure on any cloud using familiar languages and tools. This facilitates modern application architectures, closer collaboration between application developer and infrastructure teams, and a consistent workflow for securing and delivering software to public, private, hybrid, or even multiple clouds at once. Using Pulumi’s open source platform, your team will: - Declare infrastructure in real languages like TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, or Go. - Leverage familiar ecosystems of tools, including libraries, package managers, IDEs, and test frameworks from your language of choice. - Access many cloud services, including AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and DigitalOcean — as well as New Relic, Datadog, Cloudflare, and more. - Integrate with over a dozen CI systems to accomplish global continuous delivery. - Build modern, reliable, and scalable applications using the breadth of cloud architectures, including containers, serverless functions, VMs, and static websites. - Use higher level frameworks that abstract away tedious aspects of cloud development and allow sharing and reuse of common patterns across the community and your team. In addition to these core infrastructure as code features, Pulumi tames complexity at scale: - Stack management: deploy to and promote between multiple environments. - State storage: use the free Pulumi service or choose instead to manually manage state in AWS S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage, or the filesystem. - Configuration: easily manage different configuration between environments. - Encrypted secrets: use the free Pulumi KMS service to encrypt sensitive configuration, such as passwords or tokens, or plug in AWS KMS, Azure KeyVault, GCP KMS, or HashiCorp Vault. - Conversion tools: Easily convert from Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure ARM templates, Kubernetes YAML or Helm charts, and more, without impacting your existing infrastructure. These capabilities work in conjunction with an online, hosted SaaS website that features automatic state management, team policy controls, and management dashboard: - Pulumi Console: a dashboard for gaining visibility into and managing your deployments. - Identity: user and organization identity provider integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Atlassian, or - SAML/SSO, including Active Directory, Okta, Google G Suite, and others. - Role based access controls: team management, also integrated with your identity provider. - REST API and WebHooks: a fully programmable web API for advanced automation scenarios.

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