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Walnut, California, United States
Rocketlane builds a unified workspace that enables customers to collaborate on onboarding projects.
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Deepak Bala

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Srikrishnan Ganesan

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Vignesh Girishankar

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Rocketlane is a collaborative Customer Onboarding Platform. Rocketlane helps you shorten time-to-value, streamline implementation projects, and elevate your onboarding CX. Rocketlane uniquely combines project management, live document collaboration, and communication capabilities into one tightly-knit experience. Rocketlane is built by an experienced SaaS product team, that has taken care to craft delightful experiences that serve specific purposes in your project delivery journey. Our features help you impress your customers, hold them accountable in the journey, create comprehensive and repeatable playbooks, get on-demand visibility into onboarding projects and customer sentiments, and increase the productivity of your implementation teams.

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