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San Francisco, California, United States
Streamsets is a DataOps platform for modern data integration.
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Drew Kreiger
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Arvind Prabhakar

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Girish Pancha

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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StreamSets DataOps Platform empowers your whole team, from highly skilled data engineers to visual ETL developers, to do powerful data engineering work. Only StreamSets makes it both simple to get started building pipelines quickly with intent-driven design and easy to extend to meet complex enterprise needs. Smart data pipelines address the full data engineering ecosystem, letting 1 data engineer enable 10 ETL developers and serve 100 analysts. Smart pipelines also eliminate 90% of the time you spend on break-fix and maintenance by being resilient to data drift and offering portability to new data platforms without rewrites. With StreamSets, deliver continuous data via DataOps, despite constant data drift. Running your first pipeline in StreamSets is easy and completely free. Easy to Start, Easy to Scale - Quickly build and deploy streaming, batch, CDC, ETL and ML pipelines Handle Data Drift Automatically - Keep jobs running even when schemas and structures change Deploy across Hybrid and Multi-cloud Platforms - Monitor and manage all your data pipelines from a single pane of glass

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