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New York, New York, United States
Unqork is a no-code enterprise application platform that helps companies build, deploy, and manage complex applications.
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Colton Beach
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Gary Hoberman

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Today some of the world’s largest enterprises are using Unqork to build complex, enterprise-grade applications. Initial builds that used to take months or even years now take weeks, companies are widening their aperture of hiring, and the costs of legacy maintenance is decreasing. And, most importantly, skilled engineers are able to focus on projects that truly drive competitive advantage. Key Features: Drag and drop application logic “components” in a variety of ways to build rich application functionality. -Drag and drop components -Spreadsheet-like functionality for rules -Visual data transformation -Domain and industry-specific templates The entire application stack onto a single platform, move across functionality without having to jump across systems. -Intuitive front-end -Seamless integration capabilities -End-to-end data instrumentation -Built-in management Build with the confidence you need to keep data, processes, and users safe and secure. -Single-tenant, cloud agnostic -Role-based Access Controls (RBAC) -SOC 2, Type II, Privacy Shield compliant -SDLC Tooling -No version locking due to legacy code

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