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Santa Clara, California, United States
Webex, a Cisco company, provides on-demand applications for businesses to conduct web conferencing, telework and application remote control.
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Ryan McWilliams
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Neal Kamel

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Subrah Iyar

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Nanda Kumar

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Allen Sebastian

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Webex Meetings is the most engaging, inclusive and intelligent video conferencing solution for the modern workforce Make meetings more interactive and engaging • Reduce disruptions with background noise removal and voice enhancement • Enable audiences to share their reactions with animated emojis and gesture recognition • Improve audience engagement with next-gen dynamic polling and Q&A by Slido • Customize the stage layout to focus on the content and people that matters most Make meetings more inclusive • Remove language barriers with real-time language translation into 100+ languages • Ensure everyone’s voice can be heard with anonymous polling/Q&A by Slido • Encourage everyone to participate with breakout rooms that enable smaller group discussions Let Webex help you work smarter • Make meetings more productive with automatic transcriptions, notes and highlights • Monitor and manage your work-life balance and professional relationships with personal insights

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