Best Online Communities 2022

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Building communities, one automation at a time

Community-led growth is a definite part of our future, there’s no doubt. And we want communities to be more than just a strategy, we want them to be indispensable.

Threado’s brand new community manager

The man, the myth, the legend himself - presenting the greatest community manager of all time who is now a part of Threado's community.

Announcing Threado's $3.1M seed round led by Vertex Ventures and our public launch

Threado Funding and Launch Announcement

Building a community is hard, but starting one is harder

The right community-building efforts enforce a ripple effect - what you offer resonates with people at such a fundamental level that it inspires them to give back to the community.

Community building is a marathon, not a sprint

In the grandeur of life and existence, at least we get to decide our own pace. So, why rush? Put one foot in front of the other, slowly, and get to work.

Only coloured stones make a mosaic: In conversation with Jephtah Abu and Shana Sumers

Diversity isn't just about having different identities in a room, it's about celebrating a broad range of perspectives, and surrendering the idea that there isn’t just ONE way to experience the world.

🚀 From 0 to MVP with 100DaysofNoCode

My journey from working on something as simple as Notion to joining the 100DaysOfNoCode community and building a product from scratch.

Why building community is integral to your brand’s success?

Community-led growth has taken the world by storm and is increasingly becoming and important metric for growth.

Top 10 ways to offer value in your community

A community without value is like a couch without cushions. Here are top 10 things you can do to give your community the essence that it deserves.

🔍 Community Focus: Why Gumroad Is a Space for the Creators, By the Creators

The creator economy is on the rise but industry innovators like Gumroad have been doing it since long before it even became a buzzword.

Web 3.0: Welcoming the Inevitable

Communities have a new home and that's Web 3, but what exactly is it and how did we get here?

How to have Difficult Conversations in your Community

Volatile situations may present itself in communities when a conflict stirs up a difficult conversation, what do you do then?

What triggers the creation of a community?

There's always a strong motive or purpose that triggers a community ideation. Hear from a couple of top community builders what drove them to create such successful communities.

🙏 Welcoming new members into community

Providing a personalised welcoming experience to a community members ensures you are setting them up to extract maximum value from the community.

Week 0 of #ODCB1: On Deck Community Builders Kickoff!

On Deck is where top talent comes together to connect, learn and explore opportunities. They have a cohort-based community approach to learning and have a bouquet of fellowships going to help professionals achieve their professional goals. Here's my set of learnings (so far) by being a part of On Deck's first cohort for Community Builders.

⚓️ Understanding current behaviour

What's the status quo? Where do your community members connect with each other today?

🎯 Understanding community motivations and goals

Understanding what are the core drivers of your community members to help you design the community experiences.

🌏 The Community Ecosystem

We've launched Threado for Discord! 🙌If you run/manage an online community, sign-up now for early access, check out the product.

🗓️ The Best Virtual Conference Platforms 2021

A detailed overview of the best tools for your next virtual conference

👥 Starting your community with a small cohort of members

Top reasons why it is critical to start small when it comes to community building.

😫 Solving community pain points

Importance of listening to your community members and understanding their pain points or barriers to achieving their goals

🎯 Sharing the narrative and purpose

Identifying the purpose of why the community exists. Why should your members care to join your community?

📣 Sharing high-quality community content

Beyond connections, curated and relevant content is the glue that brings the community together. Here are some content ideas to explore for your community.

📹 Sharing a community tour video with your members

Make it easy for your community members to navigate your community.

👨‍💻 No-Code Communities

Tips on how to welcome new members to your community, expanding Theado, and some updates from the community space.

🤝 Mapping community buddies to new members

Strengthen the relationship between community members by mapping buddies to new members or accountability partners.

📚 Maintaining a central Community Wiki

Create a central information hub for your members to access valuable information - past sessions, discussions, files, and more.

Just Go For It

How to decide if you're ready to join an early stage startup?

💁🏼‍♀️ Introducing new members to the community

Create multiple ways for new members to get to know the community and vice-versa.

Importance of Brand Communities

Importance of Brand Communities

How To Use Zoom Breakout Rooms?

Best practices to using Zoom breakout rooms for your next virtual event

How to use Airmeet

A quick guide on how to use Airmeet for hosting your next virtual conference, workshop, or webinar.

How do you measure impact of your community?

Measuring community's impact is a key step to know you're an inch closer to achieve your community milestones! We interviewed a bunch of #community builders and here are some real-life stories that helped them reassure, they've nailed the art!

🚀 Hosting a new members kick-off event

Providing an amazing onboarding experience helps community members feel at home. Here's how you can host a memorable kick-off event for your community.

⌛️ Here’s how you can help fight COVID

Links to help you get involved.

❓ Helping members seek and offer help

Make it easy for your community members to seek and offer help by creating dedicated spaces in your community. Here are a few best practices to foster a culture of supporting one another.

👋 Getting to know your community members

Community building starts with getting to know your members personally. Listen to your members, get to know them and understand how you can add value.

🙏 Expressing gratitude and supporting each other

Acknowledging the top contributors and public shoutouts/appreciation for great work done within the community is a step further towards building trust and fostering a culture of supporting each other.

💬 Ensuring every message has a response

Help your community members every time they seek an answer. The more you do this, the more your members will feel at home.

Engaging Community Rituals

Community rituals eventually become the backbone of the community. Check out some rituals followed by top community builders around us!

🙋🏼‍♀️ Defining the community persona

The importance of identifying who you are building the community for

🙇 Welcome to Day 0

Threado is just getting started and we officially have our first customer!

💰 Creator Economy, Community Building, Canva Funding...

Beginner's guide to creator economy, community updates, events, and jobs.

💬 Creating spaces to maximise serendipity

Design your community interactions such that it enables members to connect with each other in multiple ways. Here are some ideas for creating such spaces on Slack, Discord, or Circle for your community.

🗺 Creating a Community Map to guide members

As interactions spread across tools and platforms, providing a community map will help members gain maximum value from the community.

🖥 Creating a community landing page

Tips to create a landing page for your community

📢 CommunityHub, Twitter launching Ticketed Spaces, and more...

Our weekly newsletter on everything community!

Community platforms - Part II 🧵Forum Based Platforms

In this blog, we've detailed out features of a couple of top forum-based platforms to create your community on!

Best Community Platforms 2021 - Part I : 💬Chat Based Platforms - Slack vs Discord

Creator communities, learning communities and Brand communities are hot right now! The community has turned out to be the primary source to gather real-time feedback on products/content, to learn about upcoming trends in the industry and to gain loyal followers/users. Communicating with the users/followers through community helps build a stronger relationship than what social media could achieve. Where there's demand, multiple solutions will come up. We've seen a rise of community platforms - chat based as well as forum based ones. In this blog we talk about the two key chat based community players - Slack vs Discord. How do you know which one to go ahead with for your community?

💎 Community Curations

A curated list of the best community apps 2021, some updates from the community, and we're hiring!

Community Content

High quality content is a quick hack to building engaging communities.

📚 Community Building Lessons

Our weekly newsletter about everything community

🗞️ Community Building 101

Our newsletter updating you about everything community!

🚀Community Booster

Some hacks for building engaging communities, some community cookies, and lots of resources!

✅ Choosing your founding members

It is not about the number of members but the quality of connections and interactions that matters. Hence, it is super important to be selective about the initial members.

Best Ways To Use Zoom For Your Virtual Community Events

Key features and tips from experts about using Zoom for your community

Before the 0 to 1 journey

The journey towards building Threado.

⚙️ Automating onboarding reminders as you

How to use no-code tools to automate repeated communication flows for your community

🤝 Articulating community's shared values

The importance of understanding what your community members value and articulating it to evoke a sense of belonging.

📢 Amplifying each other's voices

Encourage community members to create content and help amplify each other's voices on social media.

Airmeet vs Zoom

A comparison of features between Airmeet vs Zoom to help you decide what's relevant for your next virtual event or conference.