The Community Glossary

The A-to-Zs of community building, quite literally.

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A glossary about everything Community Building

You know how you might’ve read or heard something which you weren’t sure about and now you want to know what it means? We got you. This glossary puts together all the terms around community building you’ll ever need.
Community is one of the most broadly defined words in the dictionary. It can mean anything from "family" to "every person in the world." So before you start building "community", take the time to get more specific about what it is you actually want to build.

David Spinks


They’re not just boring definitions

It’s 2022 and no one wants to read through a series of explanations. There’s a dictionary for that. Community glossary takes a deep-dive into each term getting into best practices, FAQs, and so many more valuable resources, all curated in one place.


This one’s for you if you’re new to community building and are not really savvy with any of the words or terms that come with it.


This one’s for you if you know your way around most terms but still struggle with higher level lingo.


This one’s for you if you know communities like the back of your hand but need help with subtle things.



What is the Community Glossary?

It’s a collection of 70+ terms around community building arranged alphabetically, as a glossary should be. The explanations aim to answer as many more questions that may arise after reading it. Community Glossary is meticulously thought out and a detailed account of what each term entails, beyond just their definitions.


How do you I navigate it?

There are two ways in which you can navigate your way around Community Glossary. The first one is, of course, filtering by alphabets. Besides this, each term is also labelled as per their level of usage or applicability - Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced. Also, each terms also includes a list of related terms that have either been referenced in the explanation or are relevant somehow.


What will I get besides just the definitions?

As promised, each term answers or addresses everything that’s relevant to it. This can include free resources, advice from expert community builders, best practices to take into consideration, how to do it, what to avoid doing, and a few really bad attempts at jokes. You might also find some memes here and there.


Okay, but can I not just Google it? Why do I need this?

Finally, the billion-dollar question. Yes, you can Google it, there’s nothing holding you back. But Community Glossary was built on the sole premise that it should be more than what you get from a Google search. What sets it apart (or what we think sets it apart) is everything that comes with it. Community Glossary has been hand-crafted to be so much more than a dictionary of community related terms.


What if I don’t find the term I’m looking for?

Just like everything else, Community Glossary is and always will be a work-in-progress. The Glossary is supposed to be every expanding, so, if you don’t find a term you’re looking for, just write back to us. We will do an in-depth research on it, include it in the Glossary, and let you know about it. Also, if there’s any feedback on the existing content, we’ll more than happy to hear you out.