The Community Handbook

50+ FAQs asked by our audience, answered by community veterans.

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A Handbook for your Community FAQs

Community building is a series of tasks that may seem ‘simple’ but in fact, isn't. Get detailed answers to those commonly lingering questions about community building, with additional tips and tricks from community veterans.
There is no ‘short-cut’ or ‘perfect method’ for community building. You just have to be infinitely patient. If you have infinite patience, you’ll see immediate results.
- Sharath Kuruganty
Special Projects Builder, OnDeck
The beginning is the heavy lifting. You have to scream and put yourself out there. Sometimes you hear your own echo because it feels like you’re screaming into the void.
- Anamaria Dorgo
Head of Community, Butter
Imposter Syndrome kicks in if you have to compete and it goes away if you think you’re there to serve a purpose that only you can. And if you can find a niche that you’re good at, then you’ll be fine.
-Cherish Santoshi
DevRel Engineer, Orkes

The building blocks of community building

Sometimes, the simple concepts need to be re-iterated for us to be reminded that even the tallest of structures are built brick by brick. This handbook was inspired by the fact that community building is not easy. You've to perfect the smallest of tasks to be able to scale and build a thriving community.


The earlier days of community building when the questions are a lot more generic than specific. The type of questions you have about core concepts, ideas, and initiatives.


The middle child of community building. This section includes questions about the art of nurturing a community; the intricacies of organic engagement and strategies.


The interior design of community building. This represents a later stage in community building so the questions are about ‘best practices’ and some ‘tricks of the trade’.



What really is the Community Handbook?

It’s a tiny spec in the grand scheme of community management, a glimmer of hope that might not mean a lot but perhaps can offer newer perspectives. The purpose is to read between the lines and answer (or at least attempt to) questions that are simple yet essential. You can consider the community handbook as a place you can visit whenever your mind throws at you a question.


Where did the idea for The Community Handbook come from?

These questions have been asked by fellow community builders like yourself. Most of these questions were asked during our Threado Community Hour events. This is also the reason why our featured speakers - Sharath, Anamaria, and Cherish - inspired some of the wisdom that lies within. So, we put all those together and called it The Community Handbook.


What’s inside it?

This Handbook answers 50 questions with relevant examples, resources, tweets, and most importantly, memes. These questions have been divided into 3 categories - ideation, nurturing, and growth - each depicting a part or stage in community building. Of course, none of the answers are absolute, every answer is merely an opinion or a ‘best practice’.


What will I get out of it?

Community building is often more questions than answers and it can get overwhelming at times. This Handbook tries to simplify some of the most potent conceptions around communities to help dial down the complicated stuff. Anything in the universe, no matter how sophisticated it may seem, if you strip it down to its core, it’s really not that complicated.


Will I at least get a few laughs out of it?

Adding this as an FAQ is nothing but a deliberate attempt to let you know that, yes, a few chuckles every now and then are guaranteed. Also, here’s a fun little task for you: There are 14 memes in this entire handbook, can you find all of them? And feel free to use it too!

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