Community OS

Create a getting started guide

Maps help people to get from point A to point B and understand lay of the land. Communities today exist in virtual spaces but they are in many ways mini-societies that have a structure and way of functioning. Just like how maps help guide people to their destinations, communities can help their members by having 'Getting started' guide or a 'Community Map' to guide members to get the best out of the community.

Here are a few things you could include in the Community Map to make it easier for your members:

  • Quick introduction about the community, who's it for, its purpose and you
  • Highlight key people to reach out to from the community in need of help and how to contact them
  • Show you members where your community engages and what your members should look out for - Slack channels that they should care about, invite links on email etc
  • Include a walkthrough of your community (screenshots or short Loom video tour)
  • Highlight rituals that your members should focus on e.g. weekly check-ins or paths your members should take depending on their stage (check out how Salesforce uses Trails)
  • Mention top 3 actions members should take to ensure they get involved with least effort

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