Community OS

Create community knowledge base

Community content forms an integral, if not the most important, part of the community experience. Having a well organized community knowledge base that is easily accessible to members adds immense value to members. Here are two ways to think about organizing community content

1. Curation of content generated by the community

Lenny's Weekly Community Wisdom is a curation of QnAs from the community

2. Most frequently accessed content

Organise content that's useful for members on a recurring basis:

  • Community guidelines
  • Events calendar
  • FAQs
  • Session notes
  • Member perks

Make it easy for your members to go to a place to get all the information they need about the community. Here's a quick template for you to put together for a Wiki.

🛠️ Resources

Notion - organise your community's most frequently access content as a repository

Substack - curate QnA or discussions from your community and publish it weekly as a newsletter

OSlash - create memorable short-links for most commonly accessed URLs for your community - use a modern forum based platform to organise your community discussions and resources

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