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Define community goals

What goals do your people have and what behavior changes can help them achieve their goals? For example, Solopreneurs want to achieve financial independence and learning from others who've achieved financial independence, can help them get closer to their goal.

"1. Talk to your members 2. Form a community hypothesis 3. Test the hypothesis. Repeat, repeat, repeat…until it "clicks". -David Spinks

Here's a framework to think about this: Motivations lead to Goals lead to Actions

  • Motivations: these can't be measured always but are core drivers behind what an individual wants to achieve in their lives. Examples:
    1) Become financially independent or "Be my own boss"
    2) Develop healthier eating habits
  • Goals: these are tangible outcomes that your members are striving to achieve in their professional and/or personal lives. Some examples below:
    1) Find a better remote job opportunity that's challenging and pays higher salary
    2) Lose 10 pounds in the next 6 months
  • Actions: the tasks an individual performs to achieve their goals i.e. "Jobs to be done".

Why is it important to have a good understanding of your member's aspirations and goals?

  • Helps you customize the community experience to help members be accountable to and help each other
  • Connect members to the right members or mentors
  • Depending on the patterns that emerge, it can help you design the community space and rituals to cater to the community's needs
  • Helps you track outcomes for each member and can act as a feedback loop

🛠️ Resources:

Goal-based design - Users goals vs. tasks and why understanding this dichotomy is key for successful product (or community) design.

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