Community OS

Drive word of mouth marketing

Help members create in public
  • Ship30for30 - a cohort-based community to accelerate your writing trajectory
    1) You get a Notion template to create an idea bank and draft out your articles
    2) A Figma cards template with 30 cards to package your content and to limit the length of the article by design
    3) Accountability partners to help you stay on habit to push your ideas to life in public
    4) A common community hashtag #Ship30for30 that captures all the articles posted
  • 100daysofNoCode - a habit fuelled no-code learning community.
    1) Driving accountability by encouraging members to post a learning a day for 100 days and getting the community to support each other

Build an identity that members can showcase
  • On Deck - they are building the Stanford of the internet and getting a community of learners together to add value to each other. Given how close knit and valuable a community On Deck has been able to build in such short time, it is no wonder that we see several members include 'ODXX Fellow' to their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Ship30for30 - if you notice a ship emoji against a Twitter handle next time, you can be sure that they are a member of the Ship30for30 community. A community that's recognisable by just an emoji - that's powerful!

Make your most active users your ambassadors
  • Notion Ambassador - Notion Ambassadors are passionate, volunteer enthusiasts who teach and share Notion with others. They lead local communities, organize online and offline events, produce courses and tutorials, create templates, share translations, and much more.
  • - has taken the approach to empower users from Twitter who have helped others selflessly to become ambassadors of Shoutout.

🛠️ Resources:

Figma or Canva - to create shareable creative assets for your community members or - add a wall of love to your website and showcase the support you've received from your community members

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