Community OS

Engage lurkers

"Make it as easy/attractive as possible for others to engage (suggest topics, remove friction, celebrate people who engage, help solve their problems" - Erik Torenberg

Classify your users into following buckets:

  • Power Users - these are the most engaged members in the community
  • Active - engage with content but may not necessarily be a contributor
  • Lurker - consume content but do not no engage in the community
  • Inactive - was active before or new member but hasn't taken any action yet

For the Lurker or Inactive members, add value to them in alternate ways and make it easy for them to participate or get value out of the community:

  • Share most popular discussions and upcoming events from the community
  • Make it easy for them to access community knowledge base
  • Highlight benefits of being an active member and nudge them to take action
  • In all communication, please ask for feedback on how you can improve or add further value to members

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