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Make high quality introductions

"How to earn people's trust: Help them with no expectation of return. Give them a space to vent without judgment. Go deep, not shallow. Make high-quality introductions. Always be kind. Admit your mistakes." -David Spinks
"Helping people make meaningful connections goes a loooong💨 way!However, always check before making connections and set the right context." -Avinash Raghava

  • Be in constant touch with your members and have as many 1:1s as possible on a daily/weekly basis
  • Understand where they come from, where they want to go, what are their challenges and make a note of 3-5 people who can help them in their journey
  • Run past the list of people with the member and ask if it is ok to connect them
  • Make the introduction with context and let them take it forward
  • Check-in with the member if the connection helped and gather feedback

🛠️ Resources:

  • Brdg - Own, build and help your personal network—starting with intros

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