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Moderate proactively

"All community management boils down to:1. facilitation: proactively motivating members to connect and participate2. moderation: reactively responding, keeping order and managing conflict3. measurement: collecting insight to understand community health and impact"- David Spinks

Effective moderation involves three things:

  1. Being on top of conversations in the community and ensuring every message has a response from the community
  1. Defining community guidelines (dos and donts) and ensuring that members are adhering to the guidelines. Encouraging good behaviour and proactively intervening when things go wrong is super important.
    a) You might find people being a part of the community to just promote their business/content. Restrict the promotions to a single channel so that users interested can join in.
  1. Managing conflicts by proactively talking to the related members (and if needed taking necessary action to keep the space healthy)
    a) Example: there maybe instances of two competitors trying to sabotage each other's activity in the community. This is where community manager needs to step in and resolve the issues.

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