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Purpose of your community

Find the true purpose of why your community exists. Did you experience this problem yourself? Did you uncover a problem as you spoke to more of your kind? If there were specific incidents that inspired you towards creating the community, share it. The more real the why, the more your members will be able to relate to the community and join it.

"I’ve never found a community that thrived that didn’t have a compelling “who we are” story" -Greg Isenberg

Reach out to new users with your personal stories - this helps connect with like minded people and find users for your community who will believe in your intent. Here's a further read on how you could gain traction through storytelling for your community.

"Find the true purpose and articulate it for yourself before sharing your idea to the real stakeholders. Be very very clear on why you are doing it and what do you expect from this." -Avinash Raghava

Here's an example:

Lenny Rachitsky is well known for his deep-dive newsletters on Growth & Product Management. Here's an interview with him on why he left his 7 year career with Airbnb & decided to jump deeper into writing and building a community around this.

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