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eCommerce has proven triumphant in the age of digital connectivity. Everything is everywhere, all at once. Retailers realized a need to optimize their digital ad campaigns, and the onset of the pandemic accelerated the need for it. And while platforms like Shopify provide sophisticated storefronts for eCommerce D2C brands, understanding consumer behavior requires synthesizing those ad campaigns in real-time, across digital properties. This is where Triple Whale comes in.

Triple Whale emerged to help D2C brands cut through the noise, and accurately attribute where digital ads are converting. More specifically, focusing on providing Shopify-hosted brands with an all-in-one tool that helps visualize key metrics, derive valuable insights, and empower brands running advertising campaigns. The platform facilitates tracking across platforms like Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snapchat, and other popular destinations.

"We're on a mission to empower business owners to build better and more successful lives," said Aj Orbach, CEO and Co-founder of Triple Whale in an interview, while Maxx Blank, COO and Co-founder expressed, “We're building the platform I wish I had when growing my own eCommerce brands. I am excited to see many more eCommerce businesses continue to benefit from our fusion of centralization, visualization, and attribution, which equips brands with the insights they need, when they need them.”

Triple Whale has given marketing leaders an efficient way to measure KPIs and track revenue (or ROAS) en route to scaling advertising campaigns and driving more sales. Centralization, visualization, and attribution are the factors that give Triple Whale an edge.

A community of marketers 👥

Triple Whale doesn’t just give marketing professionals a platform to quantify their efforts but also one to connect, learn, and grow. Stories of how individual marketers built brands online and pushed through the noise, reaching their target audience and scaling efforts via Triple Whale, abound.

Narwhal Nation is a private customer-only Slack community of 1,900+ marketing experts, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs. Brands and agencies who are scaling can network and share insights. When it comes to eCommerce or even D2C, healthy insights about customer behavior or even shared advertising tips can prove to be groundbreaking from one brand to another.

“Hey Triple Whale, meet Threado!” 🤝

For the community team at Triple Whale, they recognized an opportunity to drive engagement. We spoke to Kevin Newsum, Head of Community at Triple Whale, who says, ”One of the biggest challenges of being a part of the community is something I like to call the ‘first person at the party syndrome’ because feeling like you’re the first person to speak up can feel awkward. And sometimes community engagement includes some people unsure of how to take the first step. Building relationships take time and intent, and Threado has so many features that serve this specific purpose, allowing me to connect with people one-on-one, and at scale, without losing the personal touch.”

Threado has not only helped engage with more people but also drive more engagement by letting the team have frequent personal interactions. Since the community team at Triple Whale started using Threado in July, there’s been significant improvements in engagement.

One of the things I think Threado is really great at is reaching community members at scale in ways that are very elegant,” said Newsum. “So, if I send a bulk DM about attending an event, I get individual responses from community members one on one. The point here is that even if the community isn’t present for an event, they feel a need to respond to a personal note from me, which is a great sign of how effective this feature is. Most importantly, I’m able to nurture personal relationships because of it.”

But bulk DMs is just a taste of how extensively Triple Whale uses Threado for managing their community.

“We have clients in more than fifty countries. That means that onboarding happens pretty much around the clock. There’s a message that goes out from me 3 minutes after a member joins the community, which helps welcome them in, provides context for the community, how it works and encourages them to take part” said Newsum.

As of now, the team has 2 automated workflows in place -

  • One to onboard and educate all new members on how the community works (and encourage action)
  • Another to nudge on the 3rd day of a member joining the community to engage with other members (if they haven’t) and an ask to better understand their area(s) of interest

These automated workflows ensure that most members start interacting early on, which builds the foundation for having more value-driven engagement over time. When it comes to community, the first point of engagement plays a significant role in getting members to participate in community discussions. This leads to more conversations, more insights, more value, and eventually more incentive for other members to follow the same path.

Apart from the ability to personalize interactions at scale with bulk messages and automation workflows, Threado offers actionable insights that can be extremely helpful in providing small but impactful nudges.

“Threado is like a real-time buddy that keeps you updated about everything in the community like ‘here are the questions you missed yesterday, would you like to answer them?’ or ‘here are the top contributors in your community, would you like to give them a high five,’” said Newsum.

Result 📈

Almost 1700 DMs have been sent out from automated workflows alone, saving the team over 11 hours of manual work.

Over 5500+ bulk messages have been sent out to custom member cohorts, engaging more than 1500 unique members in the community. Being able to send personalized messages at scale has activated the community tremendously while saving the team almost 40 hours of manual work.

3 months into using Threado, the total number of active members in the community went up by more than 100%.

Comparing 18 weeks before and after using Threado, on average, engagement went up 19% in the community.

“A lot of community building is about optimizing and refining processes and communication which we’re constantly working on improving. Threado has been extremely helpful and supportive in our community journey,” explained Kevin.

What’s next for Triple Whale?

I appreciate how Threado keeps us involved in their journey by regularly communicating new features and making sure we’re best positioned to use them,” said Newsum while talking about why Threado stands out for his team. “This helps me communicate things better to the people I work with about what we’re doing and how we’re using Threado to solve challenges.”

Triple Whale intends to scale community initiatives and the community as it grows. Engagement isn’t just influenced by personal nudges but also by public interactions. Along the way, they hope to continue to thrive with the help of Threado as a platform, and unlock more value in the community with newfound engagement and expanded activities.

I appreciate the way Threado’s team views the platform as an aspirational work-in-progress and is constantly striving to be in tune with the challenges that community builders face,” said Newsum. “I look forward to seeing where Threado iterates from here and aligns to help solve key issues for and with community builders.”

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