Ultrahuman saves 200+ hours of manual work building an army of cyborgs

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Almost 9 working days worth of time saved

Over 30,000 DMs sent in 4 months

Engagement up by more then 83%


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Learning and unlearning, together

Ultrahuman is creating a powerful metabolic health and fitness ecosystem that includes building the world's largest community of biohackers, athletes, and people who love fitness. When it comes to fitness and lifestyle, a splash of motivation and the reassurance of solidarity can go a long way. So, building a community is quite fundamentally grounded in Ultrahuman’s roadmap.

Their primary focus is on improving metabolic health through two key offerings — the Ultrahuman M1 (CGM) and the R1 (Ring) - a brand-new addition to their arsenal. What they realize intrinsically is that metabolic health is a very niche section within the healthcare ecosystem. As a result, understanding something that’s uniquely specific requires a bit of a push from others who are doing the same thing.

“There is a learning curve in the understanding of the product and what it can do for you, what it can unlock for you,” said Divya Haritwal, the Community Manager at Ultrahuman. “While we have our expert coaches, resources within the app, and our support team, we also observed that when people can exchange notes, it becomes easier for them to find a partner in this journey which adds another layer of understanding about one’s metabolic health.”

The accountability factor is something that helps people stay consistent because ultimately, with metabolic health, the goal is to build a routine that works for your lifestyle and health goals. It’s very individualistic but at the same time, there is a lot to learn from the experience of other Cyborgs, as the users are referred to and that's the reason why Ultrahuman is so focused on building a community aka the Cyborg army.

An Army of Cyborgs

Ultrahuman wants community to be a definitive pillar for engagement and retention moving forward and ensure that people get the maximum value out of the product. While initiatives like Ultra 30, a cohort-based program designed to help better understand nutrition, exercise, and diet, are already hit in the community, they also want to scale community-first initiatives a Northstar for not just the company’s adoption and growth but also awareness altogether.

“We want to provide users a platform, a space where they can exchange ideas, tips and ask questions. We don’t want a user to see a spike, and feel like “Oh God! What’s happening?” but rather arm them with everything that can help them understand and take actions to manage those. As part of community when someone else shares their experience it helps in validating hypotheses, grasping data, and deriving actionable insights from that,” said Divya.

Healthy engagement is one of the defining pillars of community building so there’s never such a time when you hold back and say “that’s enough”. This is what Ultrahuman wanted too - a more engaged platform where people were not just discussing the product but also what their fitness journey has been like so they could inspire others on a similar path.

“Our first focus was to improve engagement strategies and truly nurture a community,” said Divya. “And that’s where Threado came in.”

“Hey Ultrahuman, meet Threado!”

One of the first things while driving engagement is to be able to reach out to all users and interact with them. There are so many things going on in the community and each and everyone one of these members has their own interests or use cases. On top of that, you constantly have new members joining who should immediately be made aware of what the community is about and how can they start engaging. Without certain structures in place, engagement becomes an uphill battle almost impossible to conquer.

This was made possible with automation and personalized messaging.

“Being able to reach out to users through automation with information about the community gives people enough to start off on the right foot,” said Divya. “We see some questions come up consistently and incorporating those elements beforehand improves the experience of the user and increases stickiness.”

The community team at Ultrahuman noticed that if they keep interactions extremely personalized and specific, it makes an immense difference in how people respond to them. For instance - having just one CTA nudging new members to introduce themselves actually drove more introductions in the channel than ever before.

Being able to reach out to people at scale has drastically sped up engagement initiatives for the team. “With automation and mass outreach, we’ve actually been able to bring people back!” spoke Divya. “Seeing drop-offs is really common for community builders and a bigger challenge is to get people to stay around. So, when I reach out to inactive users with activation nudges, occasional updates or offers, etc., I can actually see them coming back to the community.”

Additionally, the actionable insights and reports make it easy to dissect data down to the most granular level and refine decision-making abilities. “When we are looking at data points, Threado helps us take a deeper dive. So anytime I want to see what happened on a particular day when the engagement was really high or low, I can go back and see what’s going on,” said Divya. “All this helps us understand which direction the community wants to go in. What are the things we should scale and what are the things we shouldn’t.”

The result

Their automated onboarding is a force to be reckoned with. It’s an elaborate workflow that engages members over 15 days with condition-based personalized messaging and engagement nudges. With 20 actionable blocks in the workflow, every new member goes through a journey of being properly onboarded. Added condition checks look for individual engagement and the customized messages are sent out accordingly.

With over 5500 messages being posted weekly, The Cyborg Army saw over 83% increase in engagement since they started using Threado in the last 3-4 months.

Since they started automating interactions in June, over 5726 automated DMs have been sent with an average of 350 DMs being sent out weekly.

The community has saved 44+ hours of manual work through automations alone.

Till September, close to 25,000 Bulk messages have been sent out to more than 5000 unique members saving the team an astounding 172 hours of manual work.

This brings the total number of messages sent from Threado to a little over 30,000, contributing to more than 210 hours (~9 days) being saved in 4 months. Now, isn’t that something?

Their primary purpose of driving more engagement has seen significant improvements lately. As far as nurturing a community is concerned, well, that too, is beginning to bear fruits.

“In these three to four months, we have actually been able to do that. I have seen friendships happen in the community. Threado helped us carry out new experiments which have gotten us great responses. We have received messages telling us this is a great space,” said Divya.

This has led to more organic conversations and because of more authenticity, there’s more value being created in the community. The Ultrahuman team observed more people taking part in all sorts of discussions because they were finding answers to questions without even asking.

“People are just scrolling through messages and finding lots of useful information. In fact, this has now happened quite a few times when people have asked for something and we’ve implemented it right away,” said Divya. “The community has become more trusting and that’s a great sign for where we’re headed.”

What’s next for Ultrahuman?

Ultrahuman is pioneering the metabolic health and fitness ecosystem in India. With growing demand and awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, Ultrahuman will see unprecedented expansion and adoption of its products. And to top it all off, fitness is an industry that thrives on communities. What the team is striving to achieve is already starting to resonate and the community is optimistically moving in the direction of becoming a safe space for all health and fitness-related discussions.

“A lot of things are now going the way that we wanted them to. People are talking. We see engagement on things that are team-lead but also a lot of discussions that are user-led including memes and banter. All of these are positive indicators, providing valuable behavioral insight.” said Divya with a heartfelt smile. “Now the focus is going towards experimenting more. See what works, and create that structure where we know this is how this community can scale.”

Ultrahuman’s community team has brought forward so many helpful use cases to the Threado team which has impacted how we’ve defined our roadmap going ahead. There’s a lot Ultrahuman is looking forward to with Threado and we hope we can be there every step of the way, doing the best we can.

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