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An overview of the community from the Summary dashboard

The Summary dashboard gives you an overview of your entire community in terms of engagement across all platforms in a given date range. It has been designed to give - at a glance - a quick recap of your community’s performance along with the ability to acknowledge the contributions of some of the most active members in the community. You can also directly message new members and activate them from here itself

Community Analytics Summary

The first part of the dashboard recounts all the significant updates from the community depending on the selected Date Range. By default, the data displayed is for the Last 7 days but you can switch to view data for the Last 30 days or define a Custom Date Range.

Toggle between Community Platforms to view each data accordingly. If you don’t see multiple platforms to toggle between, head over to Settings and integrate multiple platforms into the dashboard. As of now, Threado has options to integrate with Slack, Discord, Discourse, Github, and Twitter.

Data for Total members, New members who joined in, Members who posted or reacted to a message, Messages posted, and Reactions added, are also accompanied by a graphical comparison representation on the right-hand side. Depending on what date range has been selected, the comparison that’s displayed is made with the same preceding timespan. Needless to say, green and red represent improvement and decline for each metric respectively.

If you click on View Engagement Analytics, you’ll be taken to the Engagement Analytics dashboard.

The Summary dashboard is the same for all integrations except Twitter. Engagement and Metrics for Twitter are different compared to the other community platforms.

If you’ve integrated your Twitter account, this is the data you’ll see -

For Twitter, you’ll see metrics like Total likes, Total Retweets, Mentions, Replies, and Questions that are yet to receive a response.

Most helpful contributors in the community

The next section displays the list of the Top 5 most helpful contributors in your community in the selected period.

👉 The metric that decides the most helpful contributors is based on which member received the most number of replies and reactions. Community admins are not included in this. Read more about how engagement scores are calculated using Threado.

You can personally send each of them a DM, thanking them for their contributions to the community. Here’s how you can do it 👇

📌 Note: Toggle between integrations i.e. Slack, Discord, etc. to choose which platform you want the message to be sent on.

And you can Post their contributions to the community for everyone else to see and acknowledge. Here’s how you can do that 👇

📌 Note: You can also select multiple channels while sending the message out to the community. Simply keep clicking on all the channels of your choice and click on them again to remove them.

Contributors that sparked the most discussions

Similar to the previous section, this one displays the Top 5 contributors who sparked the most engaging discussions in the community.

📌 Note: The metric that decides most engaging discussions is based on which member made the most posts and received the most replies and reactions to their posts.

You can perform the same actions here as well. Send a personal DM to these top contributors and Post it on your community channels to let people know about it.

New members yet to post a message

The section of the Summary dashboard shows all the new members in the community who haven’t yet interacted in the community.

You can nudge them towards posting their first message and being more active in the community by sending a personalized direct message.

These metrics are different for Twitter

For Twitter -

  • Most helpful contributors are those who interacted most with your Tweets and received the most engagement through likes, retweets, and replies.
  • Contributors that sparked the most discussion are those who mentioned you the most in their tweets, interacted with your tweets, and received the most amount of likes, retweets, and replies.
  • New members yet to post a message are those who haven’t yet made a post mentioning your account.

📌 Note: Unlike other platforms, on Twitter, you can’t send direct messages to these members and neither do you have an option to post in your community.

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