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What can Threado do for you?

Threado’s dashboard works its way from analytics and actionable insights all the way to bulk messaging and automation. But before we dive into the intricacies of how you can use it to its full potential, let’s take a tour of how you can navigate through the dashboard.

Navigate your community using the Activity Dashboard

  • Summary - As soon as you get to the dashboard, you’ll be greeted by a quick summary of your community across multiple platforms. You can see metrics like members who joined, messages that were posted, reactions that were received, and more. Take a look at the most active members, contributors, new members, and directly engage with them.

  • Engagement Analytics - Next, navigate to Engagement analytics right below the Summary tab where you can see a graphical representation of engagement in your community. You can toggle between different platforms and view engagement analytics accordingly.

  • Retention Analytics - This gives you a graphical and tabular representation of member retention across the span of 6 weeks. See how many new members interacted since they joined, what percentage of them were retained, and how did their interaction develop/recede over time.

Use Members Dashboard to Customize, Personalize, and Configure your Community

Get a detailed view of all the members in your community across all platforms. You can filter out members based on various factors, create custom member cohorts, configure engagement levels, and most important, send bulk messages to these custom-defined member groups.

Never miss a message from the Support Dashboard

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to stay on top of is support in the community, especially if it’s a larger one. Keeping track of all questions and discussion threads can be stressful and increasingly demanding. The Support dashboard gives you all the posts that didn’t receive any responses, in one place, so you can monitor and directly reply from the dashboard. Isn’t that something?

Use the Automation dashboard to automate critical workflows in minutes

When breaking down the community building into manageable frameworks it creates increasingly more avenues for workflows that can be standardized across the community. Threado lets you automate certain aspects of community management by allowing you to define custom workflows with conditional triggers that can function independently of human intervention.

You can easily automate typical workflows such as member onboarding, activation, retention, and a lot more with this feature. Choose to send DMs, define time delays, tag members, and even collect survey responses by automating workflows.

Notification dashboard for you to keep track of every update

Navigate down to the navigation section to see what recent changes or updates have been made in the community. This is also a great way to keep track of whatever you’ve done in the community since it was integrated with Threado.

Power your community from the Settings Dashboard

Update settings pertaining to company, community, team, or token rewards. You can choose to remove or add integrations, create a new community integration, toggle between different communities and make changes to your community team.

Log in, log out, easily from the Profile dashboard

Pretty much only shows your profile and gives you the option to log out of Threado.

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