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A user’s activity represents their level of engagement with the community. There are many metrics that can determine the level of activity of a user. Some of these metrics can be defined as:

  • Initiating conversations with ice-breakers.
  • Posting tons of questions and crowdsourcing ideas.
  • Replying, reacting, and engaging in other conversations.
  • Frequently attending community events and being a part of active discussions.

There can be varying levels of activity that helps categorize community members. Categorizing your community members lets you identify and understand them better. This understanding is eventually what can be leveraged to refine your strategy for growth.

Depending on level of activity, members can be categorized as:

  • Lurkers (see lurker)
  • Followers (see follower)
  • Participants (see participant)
  • Superfans (see creators)
  • Leaders (see leader)

According to the one percent rule, in a typical community, lurkers and followers make up for 99% of the crowd. Only 1% are the ones who are involved with keeping the community engaged and running.

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