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Advocates / Advocacy

Advocacy is the activity of promoting or sharing your brand publicly and an advocate is someone who is involved in the act of doing so. Advocates are primarily responsible for all the word-of-mouth marketing or branding your company or product receives, and is also the most influential way to see organic growth in adoption.

Think of it this way - you’re more likely to use a product that was recommended to you by someone you know or follow as opposed to seeing an ad for it or seeing it online. Naturally, nurturing an advocate can do wonders for your brand. An influential figure within your space sharing or advocating your brand or product can lead to unprecedented growth.

Here’s how you nurture more brand advocates:

  • If you want organic advocacy, you will have to encourage it organically yourself first. This can be done by making what you have to offer one of a kind. This can be your product or your community. A product that stands out is bound to turn heads and eventually, people will start talking about it. Or nurture a community that offers immense value in the niche that you serve. Eventually, people will talk about it outside the community and start recommending it organically to their teams and even the people in their network.
  • Just relying on organic growth will not be enough. You can consider strategizing ways to reach out to influencers who have an amazing social media or online presence. Try and collaborate with them, strategize ways that will benefit both of you.
  • Promote sharing of your brand. A lot of people offer referrals and swag to those who advocate for their brand. Although this is a more obvious, short-term way to promote advocacy, it has proven to have good results for a lot of brands.
  • Other ways include building better relationships with your existing customers. Offer them the kind of customer service and support that no one else can in the market. You can also consider influential marketing or endorsements, which is not exactly organic advocacy but it’s close to it.

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