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An automation workflow means a process or a part of a process which is completely carried out by a computer program or a software. In community building, the concept of automation is not well established but is becoming essential. As organizations realize the potential of community-led growth and SaaS communities gradually become the norm, more people would become part  of it.

At Threado, we’ve realized how alleviating it is for community managers to be able to automate repetitive tasks. This is why we’ve prioritized automation as a necessary feature for our product.

You can automate the messages that need to be sent and the time period in which each message is sent. For example - automatically trigger a welcome message for a new member and them wait a day before you prompt them to post a questions. Here are a few things you can automate to make life easier:

  • Member Onboarding (see Onboarding)
  • Activation (see Activation)
  • Engagement (see Engagement)
  • Re-activation (see Reactivate)


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