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Community Building

Community building is an art that focuses on the creation, enhancement, engagement, and growth of communities around something that is a common denominator amongst everyone who chooses to get involved with said community.

Building a community means encouraging natural conversations and discussions for people to connect, network, learn and contribute to helping others grow just as much as they have.

A community can be built around essentially anything and the numbers hardly matter. A group of 10 people coming together to discuss their favorite books or favorite movies is also a community. As long as those who are involved in a community get value in return for the time they spend there, the purpose is already defined.

Building a community is to add perpetual value that people keep coming back to. Through exceptional content, captivating events, through authentic human connections - a community is built on the innate human quality to socialize and be themself. There is no secret sauce to building communities, instead, it’s an undying persistence and the consistent efforts that keep a community thriving.

How can you start building a community?

There are no defined metrics that dictate how a community is to be built, but there are, however, some things you can keep in mind when you’re on this journey -

  • Figure out what your community is going to be around and spend a lot of time in other communities that are similar to what you want your community looks like.
  • Connect with people who share the same interests as you or what your community is about.
  • Keep your premise and purpose clear before you start a community.
  • Define your community culture and stick to it.
  • Choose a platform where you will build your community. Keep in mind the platform is hardly important, it’s always the value that matters and not the medium (at least not in the early stages).
  • Define regulations and community guidelines to keep the conversations civil.
  • Drive people to come to your community by hanging out in places where like-minded people are likely to be found.
  • Be authentic, be yourself.
  • Offer great content and resources.
  • Initiate conversations -  ask questions, give answers, share resources, and host events.

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