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Community Engagement

Engagement within a community is a process of improving, introducing, and increasing strategic endeavors to organically push members toward investing themselves more in the community. The more members engage in conversations and sharing, the higher the engagement gets.

Engagement can be tricky and is not restricted to pre-inscribed methodologies because what has worked for other communities might not work for yours and vice versa. It’s more about strategizing cohesive measures to try and improve engagement over time. It needs consistent efforts and not much can be expected in the early stages when there isn’t much for the members to engage with. But this is also the stage where you initiate engagement the most.

Engagement is something that is self-sustaining so once you take it from 0 to 1, the process of taking it further is usually because of the community itself. If you generate enough incentive for people to engage, once it takes off, it will organically grow over time. If you really think about it, your engagement with the community will likely decrease as the engagement within the community increases. And that’s the beauty of it.

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