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Community Framework

Managing or building communities is an elaborate process that can get exponentially complicated as the community progresses. It can get overwhelming to keep track of everything that goes on, especially in a community where so many things are happening simultaneously.

Community framework or a framework is a way to rationalize a part of the strategy or process. It’s a way to structure how you work and creates a path for community managers to follow in the long term. Creating a detailed framework always helps keep track of the community’s goals and ensures that how the community is progressing is in line with what’s expected.

Building a framework in itself is an elaborate process, and that can get tricky too -

After having conversations with over 150+ community builders, we realized that there isn’t really a well-crafted dedicated framework that breaks down the process of community building into manageable or comprehensible structures. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and build Community Jarvis.

Community Jarvis is a collection of 50+ community goals each one of which is elaborated and decorated with actionable templates and automation guides to help navigate the process of community-building more seamlessly.

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