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Community-led growth

Community-led growth, also commonly known as CLG, is the strategy of building communities around users of a product or the supporters of a brand or a business. Any company or organization that has harnessed CLG relies on community as its source for better product adoption, customer support, user retention, and brand positioning. Their investments in community-building eventually lead to community-led growth that improves not only revenue but also how the brand image is perceived by its audience.

CLG has been taking over the world of business in recent years and it’s evident by the number all the community-led success stories we are seeing.

In fact, we have curated a list of 350+ CLG brands that are dominating the community space by leveraging it in their growth and go-to-market strategies.

Why does community-led growth work?

  • It’s a two-way street -
  • For users and members, they have a group of people who’re using the same product and can essentially help each other use it better. A community comes as an added value with the product because now it becomes so much easier to work with the product.
  • And for the brand, a community serves as a customer support system which, over time, pushes more people to buy the service or product. A great community makes it more likely for someone to not just pay for the product, but also stay loyal to it.
  • It organically promotes advocacy and creates more advocates which increases the chance of more people using the product.
  • Communities often follows a flywheel technique which lets them transform into a self-sustaining model where growth happens organically through user engagement after a certain point.
  • If done right, communities can be far less expensive than traditional marketing techniques, and lead to better results too.


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